A Brief History of S.E.R.V.E.

SERVE stands for “Sending Emergency Relief to Victims Everywhere!”


For me it was “an idea whose time had come!”  After reading the Bible through for many years and being a pastor in Florida in the early 1970s, I had an idea for a new word: “Servangelism.”  I wanted to marry Service to Evangelism so that the thrust of the ministry would be “serving to evangelize!”


For the next 25 years that idea lay dormant in my brain.  In a few of my churches, I tested the waters by trying to explain the concept.  But, not much happened until I talked Marvin Killingsworth, one of the deacons at the First Baptist Church in Lancaster, Texas.


It struck a chord with Marvin.  He began to pester me for more information and pushed me to do something besides just talk about it.  I had read about Franklin Graham and “Samaritan’s Purse.”  I envisioned SERVE to be something like that on a smaller scale.  Gradually, the concept of “servangelism” was shortened to SERVE.


Several things came together just right in 2015, and we found that we had some undesignated cash at the church.  We used it to purchase a used trailer that Marvin rigged to be our initial vehicle.  Everything we currently have God gave us free and clear!


It was really God who urged us on with “freebies” and kicked off the effort to see SERVE become an official part of our church program.  It’s on the books; it’s in the budget!


We see SERVE as open-ended.  If the Lord wants us to grow and expand until we have the worldwide ministry that Samaritan’s Purse has, then, so be it!  Hallelujah!  We covet your prayers, financial support, and muscle!  Give God your heart and be uncommitted for all the rest!

Latest News & Photos:

• March 1, 2018

Marvin Takes S.E.R.V.E. to Eddy!

The very first project of SERVE was to send Marvin Killingsworth to the First Baptist Church in Eddy, TX. (20 miles south of Waco on I-35)  Dr. David Hardage, Executive Director of the Baptist General Convention of Texas, told us about the pastor, Sam Hill, who was living at the church in an unfinished building.  He needed some help.  The church is small and struggling with limited resources.


Marvin, a devoted Christian and Harley Davidson dude, took his motor home to which hooked his motorcycle trailer and the SERVE trailer and headed south.  Going down I-35, he was a one man caravan!


During the next two weeks, Marvin bought supplies and got started fixing all that was broken or unfinished around the church.  The photos below tell the story of what one man, totally committed to serving people in Jesus’ name, can get done.


The work in Eddy, TX, is not completed, but a good beginning has been made.  Marvin, the head of SERVE, is recruiting help from other FBC, Lancaster, members.  He projects that, in a few weekends, the work can be done.


If you are interested in getting in on this fun for the Lord, you can contact us and sign up.


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