S.E.R.V.E.  Status Information



The SERVE organization is currently responding to people in need of help.  Please pray for those who are in need.  Pray, also, for those SERVE volunteers currently serving in Christ’s name. 



SERVE has been notified of a need that we can meet and is currently mobilizing resources in the form of finances, supplies, and personnel.  Pray for those individuals in need as well as the SERVE volunteers who will be involved in this effort.



SERVE has been made aware of a situation that may require us to mobilize our resources soon. Pray for our volunteers as well as the people to whom they will be ministering in Christ’s name.



SERVE is not currently responding to any situation.  This is a good time for volunteers to prepare themselves spiritually, mentally, and physically to serve others in need.


Would you like to be a SERVE volunteer?  There are countless ways to Send Emergency Relief to Victims Everywhere.  Why not contact Marvin Killingsworth today?